Winnipeg Criminal Defence Lawyer Highlights The Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On The Criminal Justice System

WINNIPEG, Canada – Matt Gould, a criminal defence lawyer and partner at Brodsky Amy & Gould, has issued a warning highlighting the devastating and often unseen impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the criminal justice system. People may be very aware of the medical implications of COVID-19, and even the disastrous effects on the economy with local, national and even international businesses. However, people working within the criminal justice system have seen the huge toll and effect that COVID-19 has had on accused persons, as well as victims and witnesses. . 

A serious problem caused by the pandemic is the delay in cases being heard. Because a lot of courts were closed due to restrictions put in place to halt the spread of COVID-19, there have been significantly less cases heard, even though technology was used to try and resolve some of these issues. As a consequence, many people waiting to appear at court have had to deal with repeated delays, extra stress and worry, in addition to the challenges which they face with COVID-19 in other aspects of their lives. 

Travel restrictions have caused another issue for many people waiting for court hearings. If they or their legal representative is unable to travel to appear in or represent them in court, then this can cause further delays or other issues. It is not as easy as replacing your attorney in this instance, as accused individuals appearing at court usually have the right to be represented by the attorney of their choice. 

“These are just a few of the serious issues that COVID-19 has caused within the criminal justice system, and they do not even begin to address the increased risk to people who have been incarcerated of being exposed to the Coronavirus,” said Matt Gould of Brodsky Amy & Gould. “I wanted to highlight these issues and draw attention to this situation which deserves more attention from the public. After all, whether through a traffic violation or any manner of allegation, any of us could become embroiled in the legal system and have to deal with these added complications.  If you find yourself facing an allegation, my advice is to contact a reputable and skilled defence lawyer as soon as possible.  Your choice of cancel can dramatically affect your case, in and out of court.” 

Matt Gould is a well-established criminal lawyer at Brodsky, Amy & Gould, an internationally recognized criminal defence law firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Called to the bar in 2008, practicing exclusively criminal defence law, Matt Gould returned to law school at the University of Manitoba after graduating from business school at the University of Western Ontario and living abroad for three years.  For more information about Matt Gould, and Brodsky Amy & Gould, visit their website at