Property Related Offences

Property offences include various crimes, as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, such as robbery, possession of break in instruments, motor vehicle theft, break and enter, mischief, vandalism, shoplifting, theft, arson, and extortion. The Crown must determine the exact nature of the crime and use specific guidelines to determine what charges to file against someone accused of property offences.

The basic definition of property offences is the taking of property from another with the sole intention of depriving the victim from using and enjoying their property to which the defendant does not have a legal claim or right to the property, with or without the use of direct or indirect threat of force or use of force. Property offences are further subdivided depending on whether property was merely stolen, damaged, or destroyed, as well as whether there was money involved.

The penalty for being found guilty of a property offence is based upon the type of offence, monetary value of the property, evidence the Crown has, and other such factors to determine an appropriate sentence.

Due to the nature of property offences, you need the best defence possible with help from a qualified and experienced criminal lawyer.

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