How To Know If You Need A Criminal Lawyer

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a criminal lawyer does not make you look guilty. Quite the opposite, in fact: it shows that you know your rights and are willing to fight for justice.

Should you call a criminal lawyer whenever you’re dealing with law enforcement? The answer is yes. Make sure to call for legal representation if any of these scenarios happen to you:

You’ve been charged with an indictable, hybrid, or summary offence.

Unlike the USA, Canadian law does not classify crimes as felonies or misdemeanors. Charges are broken down into the aforementioned categories depending on their severity.

Whether you’re facing a hefty fee, jail time, or a criminal record, it’s in your best interests to contact a criminal lawyer ASAP. Even minor charges are best handled by a defence lawyer. 

If you are required to make an appearance in court, you need legal representation to argue the facts of the matter in your favour. Showing up alone won’t help your case.

Even if you read every legal book that’s relevant to your trial, you can’t compare to what a defence lawyer offers. Don’t represent yourself—pay a trained and experienced professional to do it for you. 

You are under arrest.

When you are taken into custody or put under arrest, the police will likely ask you a series of questions. However, you aren’t obligated to answer them (and in most cases, you shouldn’t; what you say may be used as evidence). Respond to these questions by asking to call a criminal lawyer. 

You’ve been caught driving under the influence.

If you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror, you know you’re in trouble.

The police will likely perform a breathalyser test on you if they suspect you’re driving while impaired. Evidence like this is difficult to refute; however, a criminal lawyer will know what kinds of defences are available to help your case.

How can a criminal lawyer help me?

Is it worth your time and money to hire a defence lawyer? Here’s why it’s worth the investment: 

They can help prove your innocence.

Only an experienced criminal lawyer can cross-examine your case and shed light on factors that may have been overlooked. They’re well-versed in Canadian law and know how to conduct themselves in a courtroom.

A lawyer can lessen your sentence.

Negotiating plea bargains or striking deals with the prosecutor are things that criminal lawyers are known for. Even if the outcome is not favourable for you, a defence lawyer can try to set better terms regarding jail time or fees. They will advise you whether you should plead guilty or not guilty to the charges.

Consider how a criminal lawyer can reduce your sentence or negotiate better terms for you.

They understand more about the legal system.

During your trial, you might not be able to tell whether an outcome looks favourable for you or not. But your criminal lawyer will have the experience to pick up on these details. The nuances and complexities of Canadian law can be overwhelming. It’s not the type of task to take upon yourself.

Anytime you are dealing with the police, a criminal lawyer can provide invaluable assistance. Knowing that you have an experienced lawyer on your side can significantly reduce your stress levels. If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer in Winnipeg, contact Matthew Gould.