Never plead guilty before you know the strength of the case against you.

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An effective criminal lawyer draws on intelligence, legal knowledge, and courtroom experience to best represent your interests.

Matt Gould is an associate at Brodsky & Company Barristers, an internationally recognized criminal defence law firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Called to the bar in 2008, practicing exclusively criminal defence law, and working along side esteemed counsel G. Greg Brodsky Q.C. Matt Gould returned to law school at the University of Manitoba, after graduating from business school at the University of Western Ontario, and living abroad for three years. Matt is most at home in the courtroom. 

You are looking for results, and you need someone working for you who understands your priorities and your concerns. The criminal justice system can have a devastating impact on the lives of those who are brought before the courts, and it is important to protect yourself. Criminal defence representation requires more than just thorough preparation and legal research . There is an art to courtroom arguments. There are times for conciliatory negotiation, and there times when contested matters should be fought out in the courtroom. The key is finding the balance that will be most effective for your case.