Winnipeg Criminal Defense Lawyer Highlights The Importance Of Employing An Experienced and Driven Attorney

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Winnipeg CA – Matt Gould, an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer, based in Winnipeg Canada, is urging anyone who is arrested to consult with a criminal defence attorney at the earliest possible opportunity once they have been arrested.

The reality of the criminal justice system is that in the overwhelming majority of criminal cases rights are not being upheld and enforced. That is why it is so important that anyone who has been arrested for a criminal matter hires the services of a rigorous, experienced and effective attorney, as soon as practicable. By doing this anyone who is suspected or accused of a crime is safeguarding their future, and assuring compliance with their legal rights. Any mistake in this area can be costly, both monetarily and with regard to personal freedom. Unless one finds an experienced Winnipeg Lawyer, the chances of avoiding conviction diminishes drastically.

Matt Gould is passionate and determined to provide the best possible representation in every case he takes on. He works tirelessly, with dedication, focus, and conviction to deliver the correct verdict for all of his clients. Although he is incredibly busy, he always dedicates sufficient time to meet with every one of his clients in person, to get a full understanding of the case, and explain any strategy to his clients.

“Whenever I started in the profession I had a burning desire to ensure that every one of my clients would have total confidence in my knowledge and expertise, and that determination and professionalism is as strong today as it has always been,” said Matt Gould of Brodsky Amy and Gould. “All too often our team discover breaches of the rules or regulations, which would slip through unnoticed without proper legal representation. I would strongly urge anyone who has been arrested regardless of the charge, to hire a criminal defence lawyer as quickly as possible, and not to speak to the police until they have.”

Matt Gould is an associate at Brodsky & Company Barristers, an internationally recognized criminal defence law firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Called to the bar in 2008, practicing exclusively criminal defence law, and working alongside esteemed counsel G. Greg Brodsky Q.C. Matt Gould returned to law school at the University of Manitoba, after graduating from business school at the University of Western Ontario, and living abroad for three years. Matt is most at home in the courtroom. For more information about Matt Gould, and Brodsky & Company, visit their website at