What Shows Up On Background ChecksI once read somewhere that a meaningful life is not about being rich, or being highly educated nor being perfect but it’s about being real, being humble and being able to share ourselves to inspire others. However, what can we do? From getting a job, seeking a VISA approval, applying for a passport, getting a driver’s license or even asking for a bank loan, each individual is being pre-assessed depending on their past history and current situation.

Way back a decade when I was still a fresh graduate and innocent about how cruel this world can be, I found job interviews really exciting. It was the best avenue to showcase my talent: my English fluency, typing skills, and wittiness; even how perky and energetic I am  for the post that I was applying for.

I got declined once, which is fine; declined twice, okay? Then being rejected thrice in a row made me start to feel disheartened and emotional because I felt confident that I was able to answer their questions and even exceeded their expectations.

So I started asking why. That was the only time when I realized the sad fact that it wasn’t really not about how I answered and the things that I could bring to the table – it was also about how well I did when I was still a student who did not care about almost anything just because I was young, energetic and carefree.


What shows up on background checks?

What shows up on background checksEducational attainment, school origin, financial stability, police records and even health concerns are just few of the many items on the list an institution requires. In the simplest form, it’s making your once private life and open book for someone to see. Depending on what you are really up to, others might just need small details but it can also go down to your deepest and darkest information recorded.

Though it might sound really a bad thing and people might not feel at ease in submitting themselves to it, background checks are not all negative. If you aim to work for a reputable company, look for those who take time to patiently review their possible employees’ background. Chances are they also aim to provide a stable job as they maintain a quality service for their clients. No top Banking Company would want to hire an ex-con or a swindler as one of their advisers I bet.

Your legal government identifications such as your license IDs and SSS sometimes are part of the Background Checks. Logically, you already have undergone a partial screening in getting these IDs, so something to tick off that list. These are also a quick source to check if there are any pending cases filed against you.

Most would feel a bit uncomfortable undergoing whole process of checking your background. Some might even feel offended or hurt, thinking that they are being misjudged of some error that they have made on the past. Life is never a walk in the park. Think and work on your goals if you want to succeed and get the best out of it.