While many people have a firm understanding of what constitutes assault or threats of violence against a stranger, their definition of domestic violence can be a little hazier. There are unique charges that can be brought against you for threatening or acting out against someone who is close to you such as a spouse, significant other, or a child. Understanding what domestic violence is can help you to have a better grasp on what the charges you are facing might mean. 

What is Domestic Violence? 

The reason that domestic violence is so hard to understand is because it can take so many forms. Most people associate it with physical violence like hitting, pushing, slapping, or choking someone who is close with them. While this is certainly a valid definition, there is so much more that can go into an abusive relationship. Here are a few examples of domestic violence: 

Verbal Abuse

If your partner constantly insults you, demeans you, or embarrasses you in public or at home, then you are experiencing verbal abuse. They may insult you by telling you that you are a bad parent and threaten to take your children away from you. Their insults may take a more general form that leave you feeling bad about yourself. When pressed, they are likely to act like their comments are no big deal or they may deny it altogether, telling you that it is all your fault or that you’re imagining things.


When one partner tries to take all of the control in a relationship, this is also a form of domestic violence. Consider a spouse who never lets you leave the house to see friends or family members. If you are taking classes or going to work, they may try to make this an impossible task for you. They make all of the decisions for the household without or regardless of your input. The control could also be financial, requiring you to ask for money that you are entitled to, like your own paycheck. 


Most people think of domestic violence as a physical issue, but threats can be just as powerful. You may encounter a significant other who threatens to kill you or threatens to kill themselves as a means to control you. They might pressure you to drop the criminal charges that have been filed against them. Even if they never actually use them, some people will try to intimidate with weapons like guns or knives. This is definitely a situation that qualifies as a form of domestic violence in the eyes of the law. 

Facing Domestic Violence Charges

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