Nobody wants to become victimized by criminals but sometimes, the inevitable happens, and you may find yourself falling prey to criminal activity. With that said, it is imperative to get the criminal (may it be a man or a woman, armed or not) arrested by pressing robbery charges to get the justice that you deserve. They all say that justice delayed is justice denied, and to get the most out of filing the robbery charges, you need to learn what is a robbery and what the types of robbery charges are, for you to learn how much jail time for robbery the accused will be getting.

what is a robbery

What is a Robbery?

Pressing robbery charges may help you get the criminals committing robberies indicted before the court upon police action, and it is important to know what is a robbery, how it is defined in Canadian law, and what you can do to get the men or women who committed the crime charged to get justice.

Before you charge someone with robbery, knowing what is a robbery can help you make more concrete statements and gather pieces of evidence which can help the court decide judgment without reasonable doubt. In a nutshell, a robbery is a form of crime which involves one person being forced by another to give up something by stealing.

The occurrence of this felony may vary depending on how these crimes were carried out, which is why it is imperative to also learn the types of robbery charges or what other charges you can file together with them for you to maximize how much jail time for robbery the criminal in custody should be given.


Are there Different Types of Robbery Charges?

In addition to learning what a robbery is, it is also important to know how it differs to theft and burglary, especially since these are different cases from robbery although the nature of these crimes is similar.

Theft usually does not involve interpersonal contact when something is stolen, whereas burglary normally involves some form of invasion of a building or residence with the intent to commit crimes. With these in mind, robbery charges do not have specific types, but the way the crime was carried out can mean that you can press other charges together with the robbery charges you filed.

This means that for every crime committed together with the robbery, you can add more jail time for the accused. Robbery normally comes with aggravated assault or some force which can, in turn, come as a threat to a victim to some degree. Hence, identifying what these other offenses can help you take appropriate legal actions.


How Much Jail Time for Robbery?

If you want to maximize the jail time of the accused before the results of the proceedings are decided upon, you should ensure that you have identified what other charges you can file together with the robbery charges towards the accused.

As mentioned earlier, they are normally armed, and may even occur together with aggravated assault, which is why consulting a lawyer can help you get armed with legal knowledge and help you strategize before the court.

types of robbery charges

Winning Your Case

Facing an accused criminal before the court is not an easy process, especially since you may have to recount how the robbery happened before the defense lawyer and the suspects involved. Any statement inconsistency may work against you hence, learning the laws and penalties governing robbery charges and strategizing your move with a criminal lawyer, can surely help you get the justice that you want for the crime done to you.