Have you been curious and want to learn how the jail booking process works?

When a person is already proven guilty of the crime that he/she has committed, the criminal suspect isn’t just right away detained to prison.

Since there is a law to follow, the police have to follow the processes when a person is arrested for legality, security, and safety.

This article briefly explains the general procedures following an arrest of a suspect.
Learn how the jail booking process works

Learn How The Jail Booking Process Works

After a warrant of arrest is given and arresting the person, he/she will then be booked into the jail.

The jail booking process may vary from every jurisdiction, but here, we present the  general procedures following an arrest of a suspect.

The steps below  will help you learn how the jail booking process works when after a suspect is arrested for a crime:

Processes When A Person Is Arrested

  1. Recording of personal information

The very first in the processes when a person is arrested is that the vital information will be taken down. The police official will record the person’s complete name, contact information, information and details about the crime, and other important information that should be taken down. It can be in the office station or at the crime scene.

  1. Mug shot of the suspect

The criminal suspect is then taken a mug shot. It is a series of photos taken at different angles. It also helps in indicating the height of the person. The date and other major information about the crime are also included.

  1. Confiscation of clothing and personal properties

The next procedure would be the confiscation of the suspect’s clothing and other personal properties with him/her. The suspect is then provided with a jail uniform that’s the same with the other inmates.

  1. Fingerprinting

The fingerprints of the 10 fingers are then taken as part of the information and a basis for evidence should there be any.

  1. Full body searching

This is not just a simple body searching. The person is required to remove all clothing to secure that the person isn’t holding any weapons or other possessions when entering the cell.

  1. Checking for warrants

The police will conduct a database check to see if the new inmate has any other outstanding warrants.

  1. Medical check

A general health check is also part of the legal procedure. This is to make sure that the suspect is in good condition and doesn’t need any immediate health care nor a threat to the sheriff and other police or to the other inmates.

  1. Incarceration

After processing all of the above procedures, the person is then taken to the prison cell along with the other criminal suspects.

processes when a person is arrested

Doing The Legal Procedures Following An Arrest Of A Suspect

Having the law implemented in every jurisdiction, a criminal suspect should not be arrested without having any defense from a criminal lawyer.

Legal steps should be followed and even those in the authority to arrest cannot violate these legal steps.