White collar crime in the business place seems to be on the rise these days, but employers feel powerless to put a stop to it. The good news is that you don’t have to blindly accept that crime is a part of every workplace. You can start to take preventative measures to deter your employees from committing a crime like an embezzlement before it ever happens. All it takes is a little bit of tact and expertise to put the necessary systems in place.

Stop worrying about when white collar crime will hit your place of business and start taking action. With these top tips to prevent it, your business will be in a much better place.

Install internet tracking software

Do you know what your employees are doing on their computers during work hours? They could be wasting hours playing on social media or starting to scheme their next crime. Either way, employers should be very cautious when allowing employees to have free reign over the internet. Install internet tracking software companywide to help hold everyone accountable to a much higher standard.

Monitor your staff better

Make sure that all of your security cameras work and be vigilant about checking for blind spots. You should definitely keep an eye on areas that house valuable items or cash drawers. Many employers grow lazy about watching their surveillance footage, but this could give you some insight into who is plotting an upcoming crime. If you don’t have any equipment yet, you need to be certain to purchase cameras and recording equipment that can store the videos. This enables you to access it again in the future just in case you missed something important.  

Hire a compliance officer

It might not be a glamorous position but hiring a compliance officer gives you a little more security. They can take over monitoring the business for a potential crime while you return to running the numbers. They may have the experience and training necessary to prevent this type of crime in the workplace. Don’t forget to give them the power they need to act on any suspicions they might have about a pending crime.

Hire an actual felon

According to expert Walter Pavlo, hiring a felon who previously committed a white collar crime might be a great way to deter future issues. You may not want to make this person your compliance officer, but it could be helpful to have them around the office. Your employees are faced with the real consequences of what a prison term might look like. It could make your employees think long and hard about what the consequences of their actions will be. After all, very few people realize just how long the prison sentences can be for white collar crime.

No matter how many preventative steps you take, you might still find that white collar crime is an issue. When you need an effective criminal defence lawyer, be sure to contact Matthew Gould to represent you or your business.