What Will You Do If a Family Member Is Arrested?

What would you do if you got a call informing you that a family member is arrested. This is probably a call you wish you never have to pick up and one of the worst nightmares of a parent or relative. It is upsetting and overwhelming. Yet, you have to face reality and be objective and most of all rational about the incident. You need to shove emotions to the back of your mind and also remain level-headed about the situation.

If a Family Member Is Arrested

Determine Where They Are

Think slowly, calmly, and just stay focused. Ask about the person informing you of your relative’s arrest. What is their name? Are they also a police officer? What exactly happened that led to the arrest?

If your family member is arrested, ask about their whereabouts. In which precinct are they detained? Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally as you have to face your loved one who has just been put behind bars. Finally, upon reaching the police station, stay respectful of the authorities attending to your case and be careful with your words. You would not want to cause a scene or any misunderstanding that might worsen the scenario and jeopardize the chances of the release of your relative.

You are also given the chance to have a conversation with the arrested family member. Let them know that you have their support and faith. It is also recommended to let them know that they will get through this bad situation.

Cooperation with the Arresting Authorities

Answer the police officers’ question truthfully and confidently. If you find that a question may be out of line or irrelevant, politely decline to respond and seek to consult a lawyer to assist you in the interrogation. Just like you have been interviewed by the law enforcers, make sure you also get the opportunity to gather as much information about the arrest. This is to be disclosed to you and the rest of the family. Therefore, you have the right to know about the case.

Action Plan: Legal Steps to Take

Has Your Family Member Been ArrestedProvide for your family member the best way you can. So hire a lawyer who specializes in the case the accused is involved in. Take advantage of the legal professional’s expertise. It is crucial to also remember to ask plenty questions.

Ask them to be honest about the case of your relative and ask what are their chances of getting off the hook. Solicit their suggestions and let them set forth the options that you have such as bail and any other possible legitimate arrangements.

On the other hand, you have to be able to pay for the fees of your legal counsel. Reach a Winnipeg criminal lawyer who is experienced and genuinely willing to help your family.

The Tiring Waiting Period

Legal processes take a very long time, months or even years. It will prove to be burdensome to you and your entire family. You will also have to deal with rumors going around and have the urge to defend your relative.

Don’t do anything rash. If your family member is arrested, just remember that patience is key and to stay on focus when it comes to this situation. Be cautious of who you talk to and what you say. The last thing you need is to incriminate your loved one as a result of irrelevant information. Who knows what impact they might have on your family member’s legal case and trial.