Questioning Myths

The world of the law can be quite complicated to understand. With all the statutes, rules, and regulations, it can be hard to know what’s absolutely right or wrong. So many individuals have preconceived ideas about legal practices that spread like wildfire and make it harder to interpret the truth. 

If you’re looking for legal aid, it’s important to know what information is correct and what’s a myth. We’ll be going over common legal myths to get the facts correct for the record.

Debunking Legal Myths 

To help you understand some of the common myths associated with the law, we’ll be debunking them and exposing the truth:

I Don’t Need a Lawyer 

You have the right to acquire legal counsel during a case and it’s often recommended that you take advantage of that right. If you’ve been arrested or charged, the first thing you should do is hire yourself a lawyer. Don’t assume that just because you have the option to move forward without legal representation, you should do so. A well-educated and experienced lawyer will know the ins and outs a lot better than you do. If you want a favourable outcome, it’s always a better option to have a lawyer represent you. 

My Case Is Too Small To Hire a Lawyer 

No matter how small your situation may seem, you may still be able to receive legal advice and representation. For example, if you’ve been injured in an accident or domestic situation, your injuries may not seem so bad at first but can worsen over time. About 95% of personal injury and wrongful death cases settle rather than go to trial. Consult with a lawyer about your accident or injury. Doing so could save you a lot of time and money down the line, especially if you can settle instead of going to trial. 

I Can’t Afford a Lawyer 

It’s true that some lawyers are expensive, and many people seem to think that seeking out legal help is impossible if they can’t afford it. That isn’t necessarily the case. Most law firms will offer a free consultation, in which a lawyer will sit down with you, listen to your case, and offer you legal advice on what to do next. There are also situations where legal aid may be provided to meet your income level. However, you’ll have to meet certain eligibility criteria.

It’s Too Much Work 

Yes, the process of hiring a lawyer can be a daunting and intimidating task. However, going to court alone can create a lot more work than you expect. Lawyers can make the entire legal process run a lot more smoothly and efficiently because of their education and experience in the field of law. They have the knowledge and understand what it takes to manage your case. Not only will they give you the proper advice, but they’ll also investigate your case and oversee all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. 

All Cases Go to Court

This is not true. In most situations, cases can settle without ever having to go to trial. However, this depends on the severity of the case. While many people think that what they see on TV regarding courtrooms is factual, not every waking minute of a lawyer and their client is spent in court. In fact, lawyers spend a good majority of their time preparing, researching, and planning outside of the courthouse. 

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