3 Things About City of Winnipeg Criminal Record Check in Manitoba

The City of Winnipeg Criminal Record Check is also called police clearances given to the public. The Criminal Records Information Management Services by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police compile the records. Results of the evaluation are release within 24 to 48 hours from day of application.

Your name, birthday and fingerprints are used for your criminal record check. Included in your criminal data check are the criminal convictions and non-convictions or your criminal history.

The City of Winnipeg Criminal Record Check may bear any of the two responses You are cleared and no records found, or you are not cleared and a record may exist. Winnipeg police cannot affirm unless you provided fingerprints.

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Uses of City of Winnipeg Criminal Record Check

You may get a criminal record check for various purposes. Your record may be used but not limited to as a requirement for employment, citizenship, and travel.
On the other side of the coin, an employer also use this. The clearance verifies and screens prospective employees. Most of the employers if not all would require this from their potential applicants.

Governing bodies and authorities also look a person’s criminal record to issue legal documents. This clearance is used to assess the trustworthiness and credibility of an individual.

Who Conduct a Criminal Record Check?

Police services can conduct the City of Winnipeg Criminal Record Check, name-based checks performing and accredited fingerprinting companies

With the name and birthday and fingerprints, police services search the databases of national police and own local records.

Some companies enter an arrangement with municipal police services name-based checks on criminal records. These companies would also require the name and birth date of the applicants.

There are also accredited fingerprint companies commissioned to submit fingerprints. These prints are given to Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services of RCMP. Information from national or local databases is not included.

These companies may receive printed fingerprints and convert them electronically for transactions. This kind of service is extended to people with prints taken outside Canada.

Steps to Get a Criminal Record Check in Winnipeg

You can have access to the application either online or in person. You can only request a clearance if you are a resident of Winnipeg.

In making an online application, you may log at https://winnipegpolice.ebackgroundcheck.ca and use the eBackground Check Service. The form can be completed and submitted in 5 minutes. It is a 24-hour a day service and notification via email will be received when the certificate is ready.

The applicant must present two identity documents upon claiming the certificate.

When applying in person, you may attend in any of the Service Centres. You would still fill out an application form and present two identity documents. Payments must be in Canadian Funds through postal money order, personal cheque or certified cheque.

You can visit the official page of the Winnipeg Police Service to check the 2017 Fee Schedule.

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Get Yourself Checked Now!

Aside from the criminal record check, you can also get vulnerable sector verification. The police service can complete this audit to Winnipeg residents only. This verification is used to look for the existence of the pardoned offenses by an individual.

It’s not always unpleasant to have clearances. However, this would give you an edge compared to others in the job application.

However, it may be a disadvantage if you have some criminal records. For further guidance, you may contact a professional specializing in this matter. You may visit their office and schedule an appointment.