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As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I understand the stress and impact that criminal charges can have on a person’s life. That’s why I provide effective legal representation to help my clients navigate the criminal justice system and protect their interests. Whether you’re facing a minor offense or more serious charges, it’s important to get informed and be proactive in your defense.

Tougher Penalties Announced To Curb Impaired Driving

Manitoba already has some incredibly punishing impaired driving laws: Automatic licence suspensions, vehicle impoundment, and higher insurance premiums through a decrease in the Driver Safety Rating (DSR)—all of this alongside the fines and jail time that can be imposed under Canada’s Criminal

Understanding Your Rights At A DUI Checkpoint

At a DUI checkpoint, police officers can ask for a breath test and other sobriety tests—even if there’s no evidence that you’ve consumed drugs or alcohol. These checkpoints are common in Manitoba, especially around the holidays—here’s what you need to know: What

Driving Over .08 In Winnipeg

Here in Winnipeg, there are serious consequences for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of over .08.  You probably already know that. What you may not know is that there are serious consequences for driving with a BAC of less than

What Happens When You Refuse A Breathalyzer Test In Manitoba?

The Highway Traffic Act is the law governing driving in Manitoba—and it ties into the Canadian Criminal Code. As part of this act, a peace officer (police officer) is allowed to administer a roadside test with an approved screening device. Refusal or

Roadside Suspensions Updates In Manitoba

In 2018, the Government of Manitoba introduced legislation to impose immediate roadside prohibition (IRP) on impaired drivers. In December 2019, these roadside suspension rules came into force. Since then, the Government of Manitoba has also introduced legislation to address cases where immediate

Understanding Aggravating Factors

Even after defending yourself during a trial, you must still navigate the sentencing process. During this process, attorneys negotiate with the Crown or Court to come to an agreement or sentence. Both mitigating and aggravating factors are considered when preparing a criminal

Alternatives To Jail & Prison 

As the Canadian Justice System has progressed over time, it has produced more and more alternatives to prison sentences. However, with all the options available, it can be grueling to understand which alternative can apply to you. The crime committed may sway

Impacts Of A Felony On Your Life

A felony charge is considered more severe than a misdemeanor and is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or for life. Even if you spend a short time in prison, that charge will stay on your permanent record for the

Comparing Private, Public, & Self-Representation In Defence

If you’ve recently been arrested and your court date is approaching, you have three choices: You are allowed to hire your own private criminal defence lawyer, you may have a defence lawyer assigned to you if you’re unable to afford to hire

How Jury Members Are Picked In Manitoba

Juries are an essential aspect of many court trials. You may have learned about them in films, television, novels, and so on. Trial by jury is one of the keystones of the legal system in Manitoba. You will often see a jury

Do I Have To Talk To Law Enforcement?

Whether it’s related to a crime or general questioning, it can be hard to determine when you have to talk to law enforcement and when you don’t. For those who are unfamiliar with the law, you might not realize that what you’re

Common Legal Myths 

The world of the law can be quite complicated to understand. With all the statutes, rules, and regulations, it can be hard to know what’s absolutely right or wrong. So many individuals have preconceived ideas about legal practices that spread like wildfire

Can Judges Reject Plea Deals?

A plea bargain may be presented to resolve most criminal cases, but not always. With a plea bargain, the defendant has agreed to some type of guilty plea in exchange for a concession from the prosecutors when it comes to formal sentencing.

Review Of A Case: Guy Paul Morin

Imagine being wrongfully accused, not once, but twice, in your life. A man by the name of Guy Paul Morin can say that he has. Morin spent a total of 18 months in prison, as well as 10 years of his life

What’s Considered Disorderly Conduct?

At some point, you’ve most likely heard someone use the term “disorderly conduct”, but what exactly does it mean?  Below, we’ll uncover some of the different reasons someone could be charged with disorderly conduct:  What Is Disorderly Conduct? Whenever one or more

The Classification Of Offences In Canada

The Canadian legal code is fairly complex – that’s no surprise, seeing as our criminal code is based on common law, and we have over a century and a half of legal precedents to work through. One of the complexities of our

Potential Penalties For DUI Charges

The leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada is impaired driving. As such, Canada has strict laws surrounding impaired driving, and breaking these laws can lead to harsh penalties. We’re going to discuss the potential penalties for DUI charges, both

How To Find A Criminal Lawyer (Updated)

Being found guilty of a criminal offence can carry serious consequences. Fines, jail time, property forfeiture – the list goes on. The best defence against a criminal charge is a criminal lawyer.  But how do you find one? A good criminal defence