Defend Yourself Against Accusations Of a Violent Crime In Winnipeg

Everyone has been in a situation that has escalated out of control. From crazy parties to an escalated argument, sometimes things happen and things spiral into a call to the police or a false accusation. Things like this could potentially cause you to go to jail for years or have to pay an exuberant fine for something you may not have even done.

In those situations, you may feel like there is nobody on your side, and the entire world wants to see you found guilty. That is where I come in, a dedicated lawyer set on being on your side and helping you get acquitted or at least see reduced sentences.

Out of all of the types of crimes out there, the most severely punished are violent crimes. If you are facing accusations of a violent crime, you could be facing either a long jail sentence or a lofty fine. With situations that may arise, time is of the essence for finding a good lawyer to help you through the complicated process.

Things can easily become out of control during the time between the event that took place and the hearing, and you need someone on your side that is used to these events to help you navigate the craziness and keep you and your rights protected and help streamline the process to getting you acquitted.

 What To Do If You've Been Accused Of  a Violent Crime

What To Do If You’ve Been Accused Of  a Violent Crime

If you’re in a situation where you’ve been accused of a violent crime and you don’t know what to do, make sure to remember your rights. You always have a right to a lawyer.

A good police officer will remind you that anything you say willingly can be used against you in a court of law, so the best option when you are facing a criminal charge of a violent crime is to stay silent until you can speak with a lawyer.

You also have the right to a lawyer through this entire process, and if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. However, it is of your best interest to hire only the best criminal lawyer in Winnipeg, to ensure that the trial plays out in your favor.

 Best Defence Lawyer for Accusations of Violent Crimes

Best Defence Lawyer for Accusations of Violent Crimes

So be sure to contact me, Matthew Gould, if you have been accused of a violent crime. You cannot be found guilty unless a Crown prosecutor can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I am a trained lawyer who can help shake up their case, and provide counterarguments and evidence to get you the best results you need.

Having me on your side can help turn the case around and prove to the Crown that their evidence is weak and that their witnesses will not stand up well to cross-examination.