Winnipeg Small Claims Court

Your Guide to Winnipeg Small Claims Court

The small claims court in Manitoba is covered by the Manitoba court of Queen’s bench. It hears small claims amounting to a maximum amount of $10,000. Hearings of small claims court in Manitoba may be heard in two languages, English and French and interpreters are provided.

It is important for Canadians to be guided with the basic information about Winnipeg’s small claims court. From hearings to the disputes covered, the residents must be aware of certain rules and regulations.

Your Guide to Winnipeg Small Claims Court

Small Claims in Winnipeg: Procedure

The procedure of the hearings conducted in the small claims court is set under rule 76 of the Manitoba court of Queen’s bench rules. Small claims are heard mostly by officers of the court who have vast experience in the court system. There are few claims though that may be heard by the court of Queen’s bench judges.

Should you file a small claim, the officers of the court who will hear your claim may be able to reach a resolution on your claim. This is possible with mediation if both the claimant and the defendant agree to resolve the dispute in that manner. Note that the hearings in small claims court in Manitoba are informal and are recorded.

Winnipeg Small Claims Court: Role of Court Staff

The court staff in small claims court can answer queries about court procedures and give data on how to secure a copy of the laws that apply to small claims court. They are able to tell when your court is ready for filing and provide you information as to how to hire a lawyer.

There are limitations of the court staff like sharing tips on who should be categorized as claimants and defendants. Your criminal lawyer is in the right position to advise as to who shall be the claimant or the defendant. More so, they are not allowed to give their views about your small claims.

Winnipeg Small Claims Court: Limitations

Small claims in Winnipeg are set with limitations. The small claims court are not allowed to conduct hearings on disputes that involve ownership of a land and a residential tenancy.

Family issues under the power of the Family Division of the Court of Queen’s Bench cannot be heard on small claims court in Manitoba as well. Even false imprisonment, acts of defamation and the like are barred from being heard in the small claims court.

It is important that you consult with your lawyer about your small claim to know whether it can be heard in the small claims court. More so, it is important to be aware about the procedure of the hearings and other necessary information needed about you and the type of claim.

Winnipeg Small Claims Court

Who Can File Small Claims?

A person of legal age (18 years old) and above is allowed to file small claims. If the individual who plans to file a claim is a minor, a parent or a guardian of the child can file the claim on his/her behalf. Businesses are also allowed to file small claims along with various corporations.


Strategic Legal Steps for Victims to Win Robbery Charges

Nobody wants to become victimized by criminals but sometimes, the inevitable happens, and you may find yourself falling prey to criminal activity. With that said, it is imperative to get the criminal (may it be a man or a woman, armed or not) arrested by pressing robbery charges to get the justice that you deserve. They all say that justice delayed is justice denied, and to get the most out of filing the robbery charges, you need to learn what is a robbery and what the types of robbery charges are, for you to learn how much jail time for robbery the accused will be getting.

what is a robbery

What is a Robbery?

Pressing robbery charges may help you get the criminals committing robberies indicted before the court upon police action, and it is important to know what is a robbery, how it is defined in Canadian law, and what you can do to get the men or women who committed the crime charged to get justice.

Before you charge someone with robbery, knowing what is a robbery can help you make more concrete statements and gather pieces of evidence which can help the court decide judgment without reasonable doubt. In a nutshell, a robbery is a form of crime which involves one person being forced by another to give up something by stealing.

The occurrence of this felony may vary depending on how these crimes were carried out, which is why it is imperative to also learn the types of robbery charges or what other charges you can file together with them for you to maximize how much jail time for robbery the criminal in custody should be given.


Are there Different Types of Robbery Charges?

In addition to learning what a robbery is, it is also important to know how it differs to theft and burglary, especially since these are different cases from robbery although the nature of these crimes is similar.

Theft usually does not involve interpersonal contact when something is stolen, whereas burglary normally involves some form of invasion of a building or residence with the intent to commit crimes. With these in mind, robbery charges do not have specific types, but the way the crime was carried out can mean that you can press other charges together with the robbery charges you filed.

This means that for every crime committed together with the robbery, you can add more jail time for the accused. Robbery normally comes with aggravated assault or some force which can, in turn, come as a threat to a victim to some degree. Hence, identifying what these other offenses can help you take appropriate legal actions.


How Much Jail Time for Robbery?

If you want to maximize the jail time of the accused before the results of the proceedings are decided upon, you should ensure that you have identified what other charges you can file together with the robbery charges towards the accused.

As mentioned earlier, they are normally armed, and may even occur together with aggravated assault, which is why consulting a lawyer can help you get armed with legal knowledge and help you strategize before the court.

types of robbery charges

Winning Your Case

Facing an accused criminal before the court is not an easy process, especially since you may have to recount how the robbery happened before the defense lawyer and the suspects involved. Any statement inconsistency may work against you hence, learning the laws and penalties governing robbery charges and strategizing your move with a criminal lawyer, can surely help you get the justice that you want for the crime done to you.



how an attorney can help you with criminal charges in canada

What to Do if a Family Member is Arrested

Nothing is scarier than getting arrested. It is a scary time for anyone, especially after the whirlwind of events that may have to led the police laying a charge on you. This can be a hard time to get through, and during hard times we sometimes forget the simple steps we need to take to stay safe and calm.

Unfortunately, careless mistakes made easily during the police and trial procedure can lead to misunderstanding or even worse, an unnecessary conviction.

That is why, if you know a loved one who has recently had a charge laid on them or has been arrested, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you are supportive and there for them and help them get the real help they need to avoid a wrongful conviction or overly harsh sentence.

The earlier you start to help, the more beneficial your help will be, as a lot of mistakes that are made early on in the process can have dreadful consequences in the later stages of a conviction, charge, or trial.

The Steps of What to Do if a Family Member is Arrested

The Steps of What to Do if a Family Member is Arrested

The first thing you need to do is not panic. Panicking and saying too much can create testimony and evidence that may have been said solely out of passion or panic, and does not reflect what has actually happened. Regardless of whether or not you intimately know the situation or what happened, panicking when you are questioned can cause a lot more problems than it would ever solve.

The second thing is to make sure you and the accused family member are aware of your rights, and to be sure not to let the police walk all over you. Sometimes the police realize that people are unaware of their own rights, and will take advantage of that.

Remember that you do not have to say anything you do not want to, and that anything you do say can be used in court as testimony.

The last thing is to make sure you get a good defence lawyer to handle the legal matters. Having a good defence lawyer on your side can help you know what to say and not say to defend yourself, and gives you someone who can make sure that the police and crown prosecutor do not take advantage of you not knowing your rights.

The Importance of Getting a Good Defense Lawyer

The Importance of Getting a Good Defence Lawyer

Always be sure to have a good defence lawyer, especially if your case is taken to trial, for that can be the difference between life in prison and a short sentence.

If you are in the market for a good lawyer, be sure to give Matt Gould a try. He is a Winnipeg criminal lawyer with the experience and credentials needed to fight for your side and help you get the desired result from any trial or charge that is placed upon you. Call or click today for more information.


What Shows Up On Background Checks

What Shows Up On Background ChecksI once read somewhere that a meaningful life is not about being rich, or being highly educated nor being perfect but it’s about being real, being humble and being able to share ourselves to inspire others. However, what can we do? From getting a job, seeking a VISA approval, applying for a passport, getting a driver’s license or even asking for a bank loan, each individual is being pre-assessed depending on their past history and current situation.

Way back a decade when I was still a fresh graduate and innocent about how cruel this world can be, I found job interviews really exciting. It was the best avenue to showcase my talent: my English fluency, typing skills, and wittiness; even how perky and energetic I am  for the post that I was applying for.

I got declined once, which is fine; declined twice, okay? Then being rejected thrice in a row made me start to feel disheartened and emotional because I felt confident that I was able to answer their questions and even exceeded their expectations.

So I started asking why. That was the only time when I realized the sad fact that it wasn’t really not about how I answered and the things that I could bring to the table – it was also about how well I did when I was still a student who did not care about almost anything just because I was young, energetic and carefree.


What shows up on background checks?

What shows up on background checksEducational attainment, school origin, financial stability, police records and even health concerns are just few of the many items on the list an institution requires. In the simplest form, it’s making your once private life and open book for someone to see. Depending on what you are really up to, others might just need small details but it can also go down to your deepest and darkest information recorded.

Though it might sound really a bad thing and people might not feel at ease in submitting themselves to it, background checks are not all negative. If you aim to work for a reputable company, look for those who take time to patiently review their possible employees’ background. Chances are they also aim to provide a stable job as they maintain a quality service for their clients. No top Banking Company would want to hire an ex-con or a swindler as one of their advisers I bet.

Your legal government identifications such as your license IDs and SSS sometimes are part of the Background Checks. Logically, you already have undergone a partial screening in getting these IDs, so something to tick off that list. These are also a quick source to check if there are any pending cases filed against you.

Most would feel a bit uncomfortable undergoing whole process of checking your background. Some might even feel offended or hurt, thinking that they are being misjudged of some error that they have made on the past. Life is never a walk in the park. Think and work on your goals if you want to succeed and get the best out of it.


How to Seek Help from the Best Lawyer

What To Do If You Get A DUI: A Manitoban’s Guide To Impaired Driving Laws

We understand that accidents can happen. Perhaps you had to drive somewhere after having a glass of wine, or you waited a few hours but couldn’t quite get the alcohol out of your system… Either way, you’ve ended up with a DUI charge or have been pulled over and don’t know what to do.

Convictions for DUI can be scary, and hard to shake. The very lightest of charges can result in a three month suspension from your license, and the hardest can lead to jail time and an indefinite suspension of your licence. What are you going do to?

Lets say you just got pulled over. You have some alcohol in your system, and don’t know what a breathalyzer test will show. The first thing to do is not panic, and comply with the test. While it may seem like it would be a lot easier if you were to refuse, given the charges for the potential results, in all actuality you can get your license suspended for AT LEAST 2 years just by refusing the test.

After the test, if you have enough alcohol in your system to be given a charge, you will probably get charged with a DUI.

What To Do If You Get A DUI

What To Do If You Get A DUI

As is with any charge laid on you, it is important to act fast and call a lawyer to represent you in court. Extraneous circumstances might mean a reduced sentence, and having someone on your side to defend you in the case of a DUI charge is the best way to go about getting the minimum sentence.

If you are a first time offender, chances are you will be let off with a light suspension and a fine. If this is your fourth or more offense within ten years, you might be facing a permanent suspension of your license.

The one wild card is if your actions caused injury or death to another person. If that was the case, then you might be looking at a five year minimum suspension for the first offense, on top of the fees and potential loss of your vehicle.

With this specific circumstance, it only takes three offenses to cause a permanent suspension on your license, which is not up for any more arguing. You might even face jail time, if it has been a repeat offense.

How to Seek Help from the Best Lawyer

How to Seek Help from the Best Lawyer

If you get caught driving under the influence, your life doesn’t have to be over. Be sure to remember that when it happens, call a DUI lawyer as soon as you can after to help reduce the sentence you potentially will have to face. Matt Gould is an experienced lawyer who can help you through any charge that has been laid on you.

Instead of worrying in the dark and relying on your own research to find out what will happen to you, or even worse relying on an appointed lawyer, talk to Matt Gould today about how he can help you get the lightest sentence you can. Call or click today for more information.


How to get assistance in getting an assault charge dropped

How To Get Assistance In Getting An Assault Charge Dropped

Have you been charged with some sort of assault? Are you stuck asking yourself what you can do for help in this situation? We will discuss here some basic tips on how to get assistance in getting an assault charge dropped.

First we need to ask ourselves if this is even a probable idea and how often this is likely to even happen. Once charges have been laid it is not likely that they will be dropped. Let us take a look at the chances of charges being dropped before a trial.

Can Charges Be Dropped Before Trial

Can Charges Be Dropped Before Trial?

Not many people actually have charges dropped before a trial. However, those that do typically are due to situations like a witness not wanting to appear. Another common reason is that a witness decides to change their story or refuses to agree with their original statements.

Another reason could be in light of new evidence meaning that the charges are dropped due to lack of proper evidence in the beginning of a case. These are not always likely to occur so making sure that you have the best possible counsel by your side is still going to be your best option throughout the proceedings.

Getting Charges Dismissed

Getting charges dismissed is not as easy as it may sound. This is especially true for those who have been charged with assault. Most people who are pressing charges against someone that they believe assaulted them in some way will be reluctant to dismiss these charges.

Now when talking about domestic assault charges, that is a completely different story. These cases typically have a minimal amount of evidence available and are treated with much more caution. Even though these two types of charges are considered to be the same, they are definitely handled in different ways.

Depending on the case type if there is no real evidence, it can come down to simply he said she said. At that point, testimony would be the main source of conviction. Depending on the defendant’s criminal lawyer, they could have a field day with this type of evidence and get the defendant off with no penalty.


How to get assistance in getting an assault charge dropped

Are You Not Sure What To Do?

If you are looking for how to get assistance in getting an assault charge dropped simply pick up the phone and call our law office now. We specialize in these types of cases and are more than happy to set up a consult to go over your case. Get help from Matt Gould now!


How The Jail Booking Process Works

Have you been curious and want to learn how the jail booking process works?

When a person is already proven guilty of the crime that he/she has committed, the criminal suspect isn’t just right away detained to prison.

Since there is a law to follow, the police have to follow the processes when a person is arrested for legality, security, and safety.

This article briefly explains the general procedures following an arrest of a suspect.
Learn how the jail booking process works

Learn How The Jail Booking Process Works

After a warrant of arrest is given and arresting the person, he/she will then be booked into the jail.

The jail booking process may vary from every jurisdiction, but here, we present the  general procedures following an arrest of a suspect.

The steps below  will help you learn how the jail booking process works when after a suspect is arrested for a crime:

Processes When A Person Is Arrested

  1. Recording of personal information

The very first in the processes when a person is arrested is that the vital information will be taken down. The police official will record the person’s complete name, contact information, information and details about the crime, and other important information that should be taken down. It can be in the office station or at the crime scene.

  1. Mug shot of the suspect

The criminal suspect is then taken a mug shot. It is a series of photos taken at different angles. It also helps in indicating the height of the person. The date and other major information about the crime are also included.

  1. Confiscation of clothing and personal properties

The next procedure would be the confiscation of the suspect’s clothing and other personal properties with him/her. The suspect is then provided with a jail uniform that’s the same with the other inmates.

  1. Fingerprinting

The fingerprints of the 10 fingers are then taken as part of the information and a basis for evidence should there be any.

  1. Full body searching

This is not just a simple body searching. The person is required to remove all clothing to secure that the person isn’t holding any weapons or other possessions when entering the cell.

  1. Checking for warrants

The police will conduct a database check to see if the new inmate has any other outstanding warrants.

  1. Medical check

A general health check is also part of the legal procedure. This is to make sure that the suspect is in good condition and doesn’t need any immediate health care nor a threat to the sheriff and other police or to the other inmates.

  1. Incarceration

After processing all of the above procedures, the person is then taken to the prison cell along with the other criminal suspects.

processes when a person is arrested

Doing The Legal Procedures Following An Arrest Of A Suspect

Having the law implemented in every jurisdiction, a criminal suspect should not be arrested without having any defense from a criminal lawyer.

Legal steps should be followed and even those in the authority to arrest cannot violate these legal steps.


Criminal Record Check: Winnipeg’s Way Of Keeping An Eye On Criminal Activities

Everybody makes mistakes in their life. However, sometimes when you make a big enough mistake, it can follow you for years to come, possibly even forever. Unfortunately, this is the way of the world. When you commit a crime it tends to follow you for a long time, as any employer, renter, or other official person could pay for a background check and see the smears on your record, even if there was a good explanation or it’s been a long time since those days, and some people will be ruthless because of it.

Criminal Record Check: Winnipeg's Way Of Keeping An Eye On Criminal Activities

Unfortunately, background and criminal record checks are becoming much more common. While this may be good for those who want to check up on a potential partner or employee, for those who were wrongly convicted or have changed a lot since their crimes, this can be an absolute nightmare. This is, however, the way of the future. So we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of getting a criminal record check of someone you know, and how it can affect your relationship with them in the future.


Criminal Record Checks: Pros And Cons

Criminal record checks are becoming more common as the years go by. With the age and technology and the internet it is becoming increasingly popular to get a background check on future dates to make sure nothing fishy pops up, and also to make sure you aren’t in danger of being alone with them. However, there are some drawbacks to the process.

One of the major drawbacks to getting a criminal record check on someone is that there might have been a false conviction in there. While seeing any convictions might turn you off from someone, being wrongly accused or being incarcerated on a technicality can make it hard to go about your life in the future. Also, criminal record checks go all the way back in time to decades prior, so while it may seem scary that when they were 18 they shoplifted, they could have completely turned their life around by the time you meet them in the present day.

Criminal Record Checks: Pros And Cons

However, there are a lot of benefits. If you find something that is very recent, it might be a good idea to either ask them about it or steer clear of them. Harsher convictions such as murder or sexual assault can be good ones to look out for, especially if this person is someone in which you are planning to get romantically acquainted to.

But remember, even if you have gotten a conviction in the past, you still have rights and laws to protect you. If you feel you have been wrongly treated due to a previous conviction or criminal background, be sure to call Matt Gould today and see what he can do for you. Matt Gould is an esteemed criminal lawyer who is dedicated to making sure you and your rights are protected at all times. So feel free to call or click today for more information!



Best Defence Lawyer for Accusations of Violent Crimes

Defend Yourself Against Accusations Of a Violent Crime In Winnipeg

Everyone has been in a situation that has escalated out of control. From crazy parties to an escalated argument, sometimes things happen and things spiral into a call to the police or a false accusation. Things like this could potentially cause you to go to jail for years or have to pay an exuberant fine for something you may not have even done.

In those situations, you may feel like there is nobody on your side, and the entire world wants to see you found guilty. That is where I come in, a dedicated lawyer set on being on your side and helping you get acquitted or at least see reduced sentences.

Out of all of the types of crimes out there, the most severely punished are violent crimes. If you are facing accusations of a violent crime, you could be facing either a long jail sentence or a lofty fine. With situations that may arise, time is of the essence for finding a good lawyer to help you through the complicated process.

Things can easily become out of control during the time between the event that took place and the hearing, and you need someone on your side that is used to these events to help you navigate the craziness and keep you and your rights protected and help streamline the process to getting you acquitted.

 What To Do If You've Been Accused Of  a Violent Crime

What To Do If You’ve Been Accused Of  a Violent Crime

If you’re in a situation where you’ve been accused of a violent crime and you don’t know what to do, make sure to remember your rights. You always have a right to a lawyer.

A good police officer will remind you that anything you say willingly can be used against you in a court of law, so the best option when you are facing a criminal charge of a violent crime is to stay silent until you can speak with a lawyer.

You also have the right to a lawyer through this entire process, and if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. However, it is of your best interest to hire only the best criminal lawyer in Winnipeg, to ensure that the trial plays out in your favor.

 Best Defence Lawyer for Accusations of Violent Crimes

Best Defence Lawyer for Accusations of Violent Crimes

So be sure to contact me, Matthew Gould, if you have been accused of a violent crime. You cannot be found guilty unless a Crown prosecutor can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I am a trained lawyer who can help shake up their case, and provide counterarguments and evidence to get you the best results you need.

Having me on your side can help turn the case around and prove to the Crown that their evidence is weak and that their witnesses will not stand up well to cross-examination.


You Need an Expert So Hire an Excellent Criminal Defence Lawyer

Winnipeg Criminal Court, What You Need to Know

No one wants to visit the inside of a courtroom. Especially a criminal court. Well, maybe just to visit and see a case or if you’re on jury duty, that may not be so bad.

But if you’re in a Winnipeg criminal court for any other reason, well…

If you do happen to find yourself in a spot and inside a Winnipeg criminal court, then you need to educate yourself on the process you’ll be facing as well as know your rights so you don’t proceed with blinders on.

A Lesson on Winnipeg Criminal Law

A Lesson on Winnipeg Criminal Law

Not everyone is up-to-date on Winnipeg criminal law. No, that’s a lawyer’s job. But you can still do some research. Hopefully, you’ll never have to, but if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you do.

If you find yourself in need of criminal defence, call a lawyer straight away. That’s the first thing you need to know.

You’ll also need to know how the Winnipeg criminal court operates, and what to expect if you need to set foot inside of one.

First, a little civics lesson.

Manitoba’s court system is three tiered. There’s the Court of Appeal (the highest level, comprised of a chief justice and twelve judges), the Queen’s Bench (the highest trial court, and also handles family and small claims matters, basically cases of all kinds), and the Provincial Court (handles mostly criminal and youth cases).

The last one is our focus as this is where your Winnipeg criminal lawyer will most likely try your case. Cases like driving under the influence (DUI), drug offences, crimes of violence, domestic violence, property related offences, fraud and white collar crimes as well as youth offences are heard here.

Once a person is charged with one of these offences, that is when the Winnipeg criminal court comes calling as it will then hear any applications for bail, and will sit to hear the first court appearance, the resolution part of the case, any preliminary inquiries (this is to tell if the evidence against the accused is substantial enough for the case to proceed), and then of course, the trial itself.

You Need an Expert So Hire an Excellent Criminal Defence Lawyer

You Need an Expert So Hire an Excellent Criminal Defence Lawyer

Winnipeg criminal law requires an expert lawyer to handle all aspects of any and existing criminal proceedings. And it takes years of education as well as court experience to know the process well enough to provide an adequate defence.

You certainly wouldn’t want to trust this job to yourself, nor should you do so with a lawyer who has little or no experience with Winnipeg criminal law, or any experience inside a Winnipeg criminal court.

Hopefully you’re reading this for curiosity’s sake, but if you’re not, and you are in need of a strong lawyer who specializes in Winnipeg criminal law and knows his way around a Winnipeg criminal court, make sure to do your homework, research the process thoroughly, and contact a top flight criminal defence lawyer who will represent you as thoroughly and expertly as you deserve.

Because everyone deserves the best possible defence regardless of the reason for needing one.